Where are you from? Houston, Texas

How long have you been hairdressing? Since 1983

Style crush? At the moment I’m loving relaxed hairstyles that are not overdone

Secret hair tip? After you have styled your hair, spray it all over with hairspray then blowdry it again quickly to dry the spray into your hair. This will give you a much more natural hold without looking stiff.

Most embarrassing hair moment? 1980s perms.

Best day in five words? Time out on Sydney harbour

Fave holiday destination? New York.

I bet you didn’t know… I come from a family of 11 siblings. Family is super important to me, that’s why we treat our clients like family. It’s the best!

Hair passion? Colour correction is my specialty. Flattering hair colour maximises the impact of your cut, complements your skin tone and most importantly, lifts your total look to the best it can be. I’m a big fan of precision cutting. A sharp cut and colour on point = a match made in heaven!

The last word? As the owner of The O Salon it matters to me that every salon visit exceeds our clients’ expectations. You’ll enjoy our very professional, relaxed vibe and you’ll leave wanting more!


How long have you been hairdressing? Since 2005

Style crush? Audrey Hepburn

Secret hair tip? For amazing volume with no effort, spray dry shampoo all over your roots before going to bed. Wake up the next day with an instant lift!

Most embarrassing hair moment? 90s zebra stripe highlights

Best day in five words? The day I got married

Fave holiday destination? South of France

I bet you didn’t know… I like to sing a bit of karaoke!

Hair passion? I’ve had a passion for hair from a very early age. I started cutting my neighbours’ hair as kids and doing anyone’s I could get my hands on. Since then I’ve always had a thirst for knowledge and to stay on top of new trends and techniques.

The last word? I love the job satisfaction at the O Salon. When I see a client walk out of the salon looking and feeling great, I feel proud of myself for making someone so happy!


Where are you from? Sydney

 How long have you been hairdressing? Since 2013
 Style crush? Jennifer Hawkins
 Secret hair tip? Steampod treatments do wonders for dry hair.
 Most embarrassing hair moment? The top deck look, when it was on-trend to bleach the top of your hair and have black underneath.
 Best day in five words? Hanging out with my family
 Fave holiday destination? Greek Islands
 I bet you didn’t know… I’ve been to 29 countries
 Hair passion? Creating multi-toned colour using on-trend and the latest techniques. I love being able to transform people’s appearances.
 The last word? Life’s too short to have boring hair!